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It is with a great honor and privilege to welcome you to my ministry. For 5 decades I have ministered in schools, civic auditoriums and churches both large and small in our nation. I have met countless pastors and the most gracious people I have ever dreamed of. I have experienced many individuals who have publically confessed Christ as Savior and witness many changed lives.

It has been my mission in life to exhort my calling from God and deliver messages that are from invaluable experiences both of an earthly nature but especially from a heavenly approach. I have never set my eyes except on His calling and the Holy inerrant word of God. I, like you, am simply a sinner saved by grace.

To revive, renew and point people in Christís direction has been my sole lifeís work. I pray I have done exactly what the Lord has impressed upon me to do. I want to thank all of you who have maintained the ongoing revivals in our churches and our nation and have invited me to be your evangelist. You have given me the platform in which to share with you my humblest gift and for that I am most thankful and grateful.

Clyde Chiles, Evangelist

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